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New Assistant Manager: DJ Amethyst
Friday, May 11th 2018
Please welcome DJ Amethyst to the role of The Cape Radio Assistant Manager. Attercap is stepping down from the role for time reasons (he'll still be taking care of the website) and Amethyst has graciously agreed to take on some of the duties. She has already proven herself an excellent communicator and is often found on The Cape's Discord server, making her an obvious and excellent choice to assist the Capesters and Staff through any issues.

Cape Discord Server
Friday, July 21st 2017
We're testing out a Discord Server for The Cape! Currently, it's set to require Admin/Staff approval to join the conversations, but you can find our server here: Please send feedback to DJ Angel on the server and functionality.

We're Going Game Agnostic!
Monday, April 13th 2015
After much consideration with Cape staff, looking at both the current state of gaming, and speculating for the future, The Cape Radio has decided to broaden our game support to all online multiplayer games, while focusing our attention on The Cape community (affectionately called "Capesters.")

We hope to strengthen and, in some cases, rebuild our community structure by participating more in our IRC channel, forums, and social media outlets (specifically, Steam, Twitter, and Facebook). This also means that our DJs can be involved in the games they (and you) enjoy most, offering both shows and events across the spectrum of games!

Over the next few weeks, you may notice minor changes throughout the website to better reflect our game agnostic support.

We're excited about our more inclusive approach here at The Cape, and we hope you are, too. No matter what game you play or where you are, The Cape's got your back!

IRC Address Change
Tuesday, January 20th 2015
Our IRC details have changed! You can still connect using our in-browser IRC experience, but if you connect using a program or other client of your choice, please make sure you change your connection details to the following:

Port: 6667
Channel: #CapeRadio

Site Tweaks!
Tuesday, May 27th 2014
We've made a few overall updates to the site in the last few weeks and with the final "big" update tonight, are now ready to boast about what we've done!

First of all, the "Get Connected" header has been revamped for both visual accuracy and non-branding. Also, we now use an HTML5 In-Browser player which should work for all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Secondly, the IRC java applet was no longer friendly/compatible with the more recent security updates in Java. So, we updated to something more modern and browser friendly. Check out our embedded IRC here.

Finally, for those new to The Cape or are returning after a break, we've created a help section in our site to answer some common questions and point you to some of our preferred listening and IRC applications. If there's something you want to know that's not on the page, please contact us.

The Cape Radio 2014 Game Support Changes
Friday, November 1st 2013
It's been a little over a year since we were forced to make a decision regarding the future of The Cape Radio and the games it would support--and what a year it has been! We want to thank all our listeners (old and new) for their continued support.

Over the months it's become evident that our audience in The Secret World is dwindling and the structure of the game (both social and in-play) aren't as well-suited towards the station as we hoped. We had hoped that over the course of the year certain aspects of the game would have been updated/improved, but while their have been many good updates, few have been in line with The Cape's overall mission statement of community-building. Fortunately, all of our listeners in TSW have either been able to join us in our IRC channel or in Champions Online. For that reason, The Cape Radio is pulling its support from The Secret World starting on January 1, 2014.

Instead of just being a Champions Online-based radio station, the staff has all agreed that our best strategy is to engage and support all Cryptic/Perfect World games which currently consist of Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and NeverWinter. All these games share a global channel community, allowing for cross-game communication and informal polls show that most of our listeners engage in one or more of the IPs.

Don't worry if the above games don't really suit you, though. We'll still be keeping our IRC channel and may have the rare special show in other games. The landscape of MMOs has changed over the past few years and, instead of trying to grow a community in a single game, we feel it better to focus on our community--The Cape Radio community of staff and listeners--first and games second.

Over the course of November and December, you'll see changes to the site and our forums, as we adjust our game support. Starting the first day of 2014, The Cape Radio will no longer have an "established" presence in The Secret World and will host the majority of its shows in the three Cryptic/Perfect World games.

Have any questions or comments? Please post them in our 2014 Game Support Changes Q&A thread!

Community Resources
Tuesday, October 15th 2013
There are many ways to stay in touch with the DJs and fellow listeners! If you play a Cryptic-based game, you can join our global channel there, simply by asking a DJ for an invitation!

In TSW, type /chat join #CapeRadio. Unfortunately, you'll have to do this every time you zone, but there are folks there and it's easy to set up a script to do it automatically.

Otherwise, there is the IRC channel. Simply click on the "Social" tab on our website and follow the instructions! We'd love to see you.

Be respectful of each other and respectful of the DJs. If someone asks you to calm down or requests a topic change, please follow their instructions. We want to foster a supportive and inclusive community!

Thanks bunches!
DJ Angel & Attercap

The Cape's City of Heroes Audio
Thursday, October 4th 2012
In the eight years supporting the Virtue community of City of Heroes, The Cape produced a multitude of audio files. Some were made available to the public, while many stayed behind "locked doors." In honor of the game's sunsetting, we've compiled 283 files of Public Service Announcements, commercials, DJ bumpers and much more. Visit the new City of Heroes Audio page to download individual clips or in a single 483mb audio file.

Twitter and Facebook
Wednesday, September 12th 2012
Are you tired of leaving the Cape site to see our most recent posts on Twitter or Facebook? We hate seeing you leave us, too. That's why we've added our new Recent Tweets and Facebook Feed pages!

RSS Feeds
Friday, June 1st 2012
If you're one of those people who want the information to come to you, rather than you going to the information then The Cape's got your back. Over the past few months, we've updated some of the more popular parts of this site with RSS feeds.

For any forum or "over-forum", you can access an RSS feed link on the top right corner of the page (under the "You Are Here" section).

If paying attention to confirmed events and special DJs shows is more your thing, we've introduced an Upcoming Events RSS feed, too!

Looking for more or have any site or RSS suggestions for us? Contact Attercap or talk about it in our forums!

The Cape Radio Street Team
Friday, January 1st 2010
The Cape Radio is proud to announce The Cape Radio Street Team. If you've ever wanted to take a more active role in the Cape community this is your chance to pitch in and help. We are currently accepting applications from interested listeners who want to become part of the Street Team.

As we have been expanding we have realized that we need help. It is our intention to utilize the talents and energy of you, the Cape Radio listeners. If you think that you can help with any of the following then please consider applying:
Creating event fliers
Recording voice clips for ads and bumpers
Writing scripts
Promoting events in-game
Assisting with events
or any number of other things
The pay sucks, but the benefits to everyone are tremendous! Please see the information here in our forums.
What I have to tell you is no secret.
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