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DJ Templar
DJ Templar: Station OwnerPaterfamilias
Forum: visit here
Steam: adobetemplar
Champions Online: DJ Templar@adobetemplar
Star Trek Online: @adobetemplar
Neverwinter: @adobetemplar
SW: The Old Republic (Ebon Hawk): Amirian
The Cape's paterfamilias, DJ Templar has been given many embarrassing nicknames since he began broadcasting for The Cape in early 2005, and he tries to bear them all with stoicism.

Since he is physically incapable of choosing his favorite musical genre, he inevitably plays a little bit of everything, while regaling listeners with odd or amusing news stories. Thus "Audio Debris," a show title he picked almost on a whim, seemed the most appropriate.
DJ Angel
DJ Angel: Station ManagerSinging Thee to Thy Rest
Forum: visit here
Steam: Kryssieness
SW: The Old Republic (Ebon Hawk): Onjeleekah/Dhegso
Minecraft: Kryssieness
DJ Angel joined The Cape's team in May of 2007 and hasn't looked back. Her background in music theory and opera performance provide a unique perspective on music. Always willing to experiment with unfamiliar genres, Angel has a tendency to put together themed shows, focusing on either a central idea or concept, or focusing on a particular musical theme or motif.

When not broadcasting, Angel's player is very likely conducting scientific research--no, not to mutate spiders, as much as DJ Ranger would like to think! She is working on a PhD program involving business psychology and video games. Talk to her for more information! She should be starting her dissertation process in March of 2016 with an anticipated graduation date of August 2017.
Attercap: Assistant Manager & WebmasterCatgirl Aficionado
Forum: visit here
Steam: Attercap
Discord: Attercap
Though he's mainly behind the scenes making changes to The Cape website, assisting forum-goers and wooing catgirls, Attercap still provides services as a surprise or Event DJ. The master of webs has a vast library of music, packed with plenty of indie rock and power-pop, both classic and modern.
Scheduled DJs
Agent Crypto
Agent CryptoBrain-Breaking Theme Master
Forum: visit here
Minecraft: Kynbo
The puzzle master himself, Agent Crypto breaks brains with his unique themed song sets. If you think you can figure out the themes you'll want to listen in on Saturday nights to play along!
DJ Amethyst
DJ AmethystA Wyld Gem
Forum: visit here
Steam: Wyldnytes
Paragon Chat: DJ Amethyst
Champions Online: DJ Amethyst
Star Trek Online: Erin Sawyer
Neverwinter: Aryn de Sagyere
Elder Scrolls Online: Wyldnytes
Discord: @wyldnytes#2603
DJ Amethyst is currently involved in Mischief Management, with DJ Nexus, on Saturday nights. She has yet to learn how to keep a leash on what comes out of her mouth, but it's still entertaining to watch her try to keep it clean.

The player behind DJ Amethyst lives in the weird that is Austin-ish, TX along with her Husbeast, the player that is DJ Nexus, and two floof kids (DJ Stormy Cat and Executive Producer Two Socks)
DJ ExelionA 54th Century Kinda Gal
Forum: visit here
Champions Online: DJ Exelion@atomicgaslight
Star Trek Online: Alexander Marx@atomgaslight
DJ Arcade
DJ Arcade♫♪Bleep boop bleep!♫♪
Forum: visit here
Steam: Ascalon
Paragon Chat: DJ Arcade
Champions Online: DJ Arcade
Star Trek Online: Ascalon
FF XIV (Gilgamesh): Ascalon Lightblade
DJ Havok
DJ HavokDemolition Derby Specialist
Forum: visit here
Steam: Crowbar Fox
Star Trek Online: @bluemendari
FF XIV (Hyperion): Cecily Winters
Still hopping dimensions, still getting lost. Havok's business ventures take him from the shores of Kingsmouth to the shores of the star ocean captaining a Federation starship. His eclectic brand of entertainment contains a wide variety of music, from trance to rock to alternative to Gregorian chanting. Calling Havok's 'Aural Apocalypse' "musical whiplash" is putting it rather lightly.
DJ Judge
DJ JudgeDon't Judge Me, Bro
Forum: visit here
Since the demise of CoH I have not found a gaming environment. I haven't found a game that was fun or worth the time it would take to learn. Frankly I just don't want to be a "noob" again.
Please if you want to contact me, make a request or pass some info along, I can be found in the IRC, PC Chat or on Facebook(
I don't want anyone to feel left out.
I may not be a champion of Paragon City anymore but I got your back :D
DJ Logos
DJ LogosRandom Wanderer
Forum: visit here
Champions Online: Seampunk
An un-named researcher lost his funding while orbiting the Earth. His monitoring station was reduced to only receiving NPR and College Radio. Anxious for escape, he bonded with a Kheldian and became DJ Logos.

DJ Logos is a guru of the ridiculous and the sublime. His show, "Crossing the Streams" may contain traces of blues, trance, ambient, funk, mash-ups, rock, world, classical, found audio, and comedy. The show is produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.
DJ Nexus
DJ NexusCunning Linguist
Forum: visit here
Steam: gyronnygeek
Discord: @gyronnygeek#6937
DJ Nexus is on the air twice during the week. On Thursday evenings, he brings the best and most influential popular music in the rock and roll era to the airwaves for his "Roots of Rock" radio program. On Saturday evenings, he provides color commentary and occasional musical contributions to DJ Amethyst's "Mischief Management" show. He maintains DJ characters in several games - just ask if he's in your favorite!

In addition to DJing for the Cape and playing any of several MMOs, Nexy's player currently spends the majority of his time working towards a degree in diagnostic cardiovascular sonography. He and his wife of 15 years (the player behind DJ Amethyst) live in the Austin, Texas area with their feline overlords, Two Socks and Stormy Cat.
One Hit Wonder
One Hit WonderOne Hit From This Hottie...
Forum: visit here
Steam: djonehitwonder
Paragon Chat: djonehitwonder
Discord: Wondie
With startlingly eclectic tastes and a massive music library at her fingertips, there could be a little bit of everything imaginable when One Hit Wonder heats up the airwaves. She'll warm things up with those one hit wonders you love or had almost forgotten (or just wish you had), then bring things to a boil as she takes you for a wild ride on the Musical Roller Coaster. Occasionally she'll ignite your desire for a theme show, such as the steamy Live Sex Show or an evening of Threesomes. One hit from this hottie, and you're going down in flames.
DJ Pheonyx
DJ PheonyxAshes to Ashes
Forum: visit here
Steam: kxpheonyx
Paragon Chat: @Pheonyx
Champions Online: @Pheonyx
Star Trek Online: @Pheonyx
Dante Andersen, the man known as "Pheonyx", was an operative in a private intelligence organization called The Foundation and he was called the "Lord of Cyberspace" within its ranks. After The Foundation's operations were exposed to the media, the organization closed and his latent ability to control fire came forth. Those in Millenium City call them "superpowers", and the Illuminati in New York call them "anima". Whatever the name, the Well of the Furies as well as the deity of the Phoenix are the true source of his abilities. Even though he does most of his powered work in Millennium City, he takes sojourns to help with things in New York City and other locations in a covert fashion at this time, following the path of the Browncoat more than anything else... aiming to misbehave.

As a DJ, his music is a heavy mix of classic rock and other pulse-pounding music, with the occasional spy theme thrown in; one cannot escape their roots completely.
PosthasteDangerously Fast
Forum: visit here
Champions Online: @yeomanguard
Posthaste is a transplant to Paragon City from Seattle. He spends much of his time here zipping around at high speeds bashing on evildoers, but occasionally slows down enough to get behind the Mic and do some broadcasting. You'll generally hear loud obnoxious rock from him, with a leavening of 80's alternative and the occasional punk song, just to keep things interesting.
DJ Ranger
DJ RangerGuiding You Through The Music
Forum: visit here
Steam: Stormpsych
Champions Online: DJ Ranger (@Stormpsych)
Star Trek Online: DJ Ranger (@Stormpsych)
Neverwinter: DJ Ranger (@Stormpsych)
Secret World: Legends: DJ-Ranger, Perceptionist
"Music is a Journey - Every song, a landmark on the way."

Hailing from the wild southern land of Australia, DJ Ranger's Journey explores any genre of music, bringing you anything that stands out from the wilderness that is the music scene.
DJ Shecky
DJ Shecky: Technical CoordinatorThe Degenerate!
Forum: visit here
Paragon Chat: DJ Shecky
Champions Online: djshecky0
The one and only Degenerate: a blues man at heart who has a wide variety of music.
DJ Sultry Siren
DJ Sultry Siren: Public Relations OfficerSultry Siren of the Airwaves
Forum: visit here
Paragon Chat: @SultrySiren
Champions Online: @SultrySiren
While the Sultry Siren enjoys nearly every genre of musical entertainment out there, her heart decidedly has a home in those dark mysterious jazz and blues clubs of yesteryear. Grab a cocktail and a corner booth as she soothes your soul with the softer, seductive side of things.

Forum: visit here
Discord: Tahquitz#8735
As Tahquitz would explain, his name is from a mountain peak in the Idyllwild Mountains. It's also an homage to a character in the Louis L'Amour book, The Lonesome Gods. But that doesn't stop most people (notably DJ Havok) from calling him "Taquitos" anyways.

Fire and Ice are his forte, with a enfilade of fast rock, slow jazz, heavy beats, and gentle lyrics. His show, "The Midnight Show" is his answer to the question of "What is night music?" as he tries to answer it every week. The streamhold "After Midnight" follows with an assortment of Nujabes-style hip-hop instrumentals mixed in with 1990's-2000's rock.
DJ ThunderBringing the Thunder
Forum: visit here
You called down the thunder, well now you've got it!
Unscheduled DJs
DJ Anarchy
DJ AnarchyBroot To The Head!
Forum: visit here
Steam: aelya
SW: The Old Republic: Ri'dia
The one and only, the Brute, that crazy pair of pigtails! Many have seen her, many names she's been called. More than that is subject to mystery and those close to her. What is certain, is that when she hits the airwaves, people tend to feel compelled to make some noise, cause some damage, and take it to their oppressors! Join her on adrenaline fueled ventures in Metal, Industrial, Hard Rock, and other edgy melodies. Join her, in Anarchy!
DJ Phantasm
DJ PhantasmOfficial Cape Stalker
Forum: visit here
Steam: Nagi the 3th
Star Trek Online: @Milieta
Minecraft: Milieta
Always vigilant; always watching...
DJ Valor
DJ Valor: Forum ModeratorValiant Victor of Vim and Vigor!
Forum: visit here
Steam: MoggieKat
Paragon Chat: DJ Valor
Champions Online: @TheMoggie
Neverwinter: Medea Malaprop
DJ Valor has been detached from the U.S. Army's Morale, Welfare and Recreation department and sent to serve in Paragon City. Her stated mission is to keep morale high for the people on the front lines and to that end she summons caffeinated beverages and plays a wide variety of rock, dance, club, and just plain weird.
DJ Steel
DJ SteelLive from the Iron City...
Forum: visit here
Steam: mcd5150
Champions Online: DJ Steel
Star Trek Online: Steel
Neverwinter: Steel
Coming live from the Iron City, all DJ Steel wants to do is Rock 'n Roll.

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