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 Post subject: RPG Addendi
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:21 am 

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I'll post more as I find them:


Lunar - Eternal Blue Complete (4 - Field to Tomorrow, 14- Boss Battle, 16 - Eternal Blue Rondo of Light, 18 - Lucia vs. Zophar, 24 - Lucia's Theme)

Phantasy Star series
Album: Phantasy Star Collection I
Game: PS III (Main Theme (New Journey), The Ground, Searren Type 386)
Game: PS II (Dungeon Medley, Dream)
Album: Phantasy Star Collection II
Game: PS IV (Algol Star System, Her Last Breath, Fight)

Wanderers of Ys/The Oath in Felgana (A premonition (Styx), The Boy's Got Wings, Valestein Castle, Tower of Destiny, Wanderers from Ys)


Blue Dragon (Blue Dragon Main Theme, In Search for the Ruins, Watashi no Mizu to Sora, Cave, A Smiling Face, Giant Mechat, The Ancients, Ancient Fortress, The Seal is Broken, Waterside For Piano and Orchestra)

Lost Odyssey (Wohl Highlands, Neverending Journey, Sad Tolten, Gongora's Plot, White Depot Ship, Parting Forever, A Sign of Hope, Roar of the Departed Souls)

Final Fantasy XIII 2 (Paradox, Giant Impact, Noel's theme, Neo Bodam (I think that's the name, my Japanese is rusty), History Across, Eclipse, Caius' Theme,)

Grandia 2
Album: Deus (A Deus, Purification of Darkness)
Album: Povo (Cancao do Povo, Despair and Hope)

Phantasy Star Universe
album: For Brighter Days (Z.C Enemy 2, Mirei, Haruka Temple, Relics -sleep-, Madness the Machine Sparx, With You)

Nier: Gestalt & Replicant (Song of the Ancients/Hollow Dreams, Song of the Ancients/Fate, Cold Steel Coffin)

Megadimension Neptunia VII (Paradise, Encounter of Destiny, Absolute, Voltage, Sailing on a Daydream, Desperado, Illuminati)


Penny Arcade Adventures (01 - The Precipice Calls, 03 Peaceful Morning, 08 - Dance of the FF, 10 - Time to Pay the Rent, 13 - Send in the clowns, 25 - uh oh )

"Yes, Taquitos' name did come from food!" --Haley

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