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Quotes from a Hat
Starts Saturday, December 23rd 8:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, December 23rd 11:00 PM EST
In the style of improv comedy shows of the past, we are pleased to present: Quotes from a Hat.
Where everyting is made up. And Hilarious. And the points don't matter.

Our DJs will be given random quotes from the NightBot each talk break to read out, in a random style that has been suggested by YOU, our listeners.

To suggest an audio style, all you need to do is log into discord and use the "!AddStyle" command up until the show. Nightbot will store all your suggestions.
Our DJs will then take all the good ones and put them in a hat, selecting one at random each talk break to use when reading out the Quotes Nightbot Gives them.

Tune in and join the hilarity from 8PM, December 23rd to join in the hilarity.
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