The Cape Radio

Gaming's Finest Player-Run Radio Station

The Cape Radio offers 24/7 music, live DJs every night, gaming on our Discord server, and guilds in several MMO games from Secret World Legends, to Elder Scrolls Online, to City of Heroes: Homecoming Servers.

Born on Virtue

The Cape Radio recently has completed a 15-year anniversary, after being on the air since 2004. Hailing from the official City of Heroes RP server, Virtue, Cape Radio's Capester community is one of the most diverse, welcoming, and mature communities online.

For Players, By Players

Cape Radio is volunteer-staffed and produced by players like you, 24/7. "Advertisements" are produced in-house promoting games, groups, and in-jokes from the Capester community.

Team Up!

We have active guilds, groups, and teaming in several games. Our Discord server holds various communities for our 400+ members.

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